Transcendental Smile

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the smiles I see form on the kind faces of strangers I see on the streets. I usually wonder what makes them smile when I seem them.. Did they just get off the phone with a significant other? Did they just think of all of the things they were grateful for? Did they just see someone else smile? I can’t help but stop in awe sometimes… as they have transcended this Earth into a feeling of pure joy even if momentarily.

Often, I fantasize about my life and how it would be perfect or better once that day in the future comes along–or how beautiful it was that day in the past. Then, I remember, life is continuously moving forward. It is always changing. And, some phases of life seem to carry more ideal circumstances than others. Let’s face it.

It is an interesting balance between being satisfied with your circumstances and also realistic about your attitude for the future. Though, the more I come to observe from my own experience and from others’–I find that everybody has his/her own set of struggles (as well as good fortunes, of course). And it is beautiful when I receive the chance to observe these glimpses of momentary bliss through others.

More thoughts another day.




Are We Free?

I might be going on an Alice Phoebe Lou binge here (a lovely independent musician I have recently discovered), so bear with me. I also think I have recently discovered that I really enjoy sharing songs and interpreting the feelings they bring me through writing.. so perhaps this post may be nice for somebody out there.

The theme of the song (at least the vibe for me) begs questions such as: are you free? Is your heart in it?

Life is a precious gift for being on this Earth. And our hearts play a role as emotional directors throughout our lives. If we ignore our hearts, or our emotional intelligence, life tends to feel like a prison (does it not?). If we look around us–can we admit that the world is living in a sort of prison of conformity, restraint, or hate? Have we moved from the extreme of our imaginative, kind-hearted, innocent childlike essences into rational, materialistic Earth-mongerers (okay, exaggaration there, I know)? Clearly, there is good and light in the world, but we cannot deny the rise of war, destruction, division, greed and poverty that might make you all question… are we truly free?



It’s amazing how easy it is nowadays to listen to the millions and millions of talented musicians via the internet. Back when I was in elementary school learning guitar for the first time, I had to search long and hard for a song I wanted my guitar teacher to teach me. He said he was able to find it on something called Youtube (this was back in 2005). Youtube?! And, within the next few years, the website would gain its popularity. Isn’t it crazy how embedded Youtube is embedded into all of our lives these days? What a strange, but beautiful world we live in (well, if you’re speaking of that aspect of it lol).

I’m a dreamer. And I love to find music that takes me to another world inside of my own little world. I happened to stumble upon this gem recently. It is music like this that makes me want to float, dream, spin, cry, smile, sing, and drift off into the air–all at the same time. One of my favorite melancholic covers of a beautiful song.. Tis’ bittersweet.


How many times have you looked over at your fellow human(s) and seen a frown, a blank stare, or a sad expression?

Chances are–they are experiencing something you may not know of or even understand. Maybe they feel anxious, depressed, hurt, the latter. Maybe something happened or is happening every day in his/her home. You may actually never know. And, sometimes, there is really nothing you can offer a person other than a smile and thoughts of kindness. And that’s okay.

So often our judgments of others become ingrained and we forget that we really don’t know somebody else’s story unless we have walked their walk. Let us continue to meditate on becoming more empathetic of others. Compassion, even subtlety, unites us all.





What about Today?

I’m coming to realize lately that life is always moving forward into time and space. And time is always ticking whether we like it or not. Time is a valuable asset in this day and age.

We can dwell, we can resent, we can worry, we can wish we would have done this or said that differently–but today is today. Yesterday was yesterday. Three week ago was three weeks ago. And tomorrow is tomorrow. Where are you today?