Every person lives in some sort of home: whether it be a house, an apartment, or a trailer… most of them have at least four walls and a ceiling. It’s a universal symbol of security and comfort. But, I like to think about how powerful and complex of an energy a household contains.

Homes… Places where social gatherings occur. Relationships may evolve, deteriorate, or go through waves. Kids may be loved furiously or denied proper love. Adults may lose their tempers or listen carefully to their beloveds. Faces one portrays to the outer world may be heavily distorted when back in the home. Carefully-prepared food may be a daily tradition or a typical outing. Several screens inside rooms creating illusory worlds. Prayers and meditations to sustain life. Hugs during times of hardship. Laughter between loved ones and pets. A place where the magic happens to create a more occupied home.

Oh, what a magical world behind these four walls.




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