Focus on the qualities in yourself that make you unique as you are and less on the qualities you equate with not being good enough. You’re more beautiful than you think you are. You do so many great things in this world. 

Don’t forget that.


2 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Peter

    Hey…I always enjoy your blog. I’m just curious, though: do you think this should be the message we give to every single person? I mean, there are some people who are simply narcissistic (whether we ascribe this to a psychological condition or moral failure, or both): who already do think they’re unique and wonderful, and in fact may use this as an excuse to do terrible things. In fact, I’d say we can ALL be this way at times. So yes, the message of self-affirmation you give is precisely what is often needed; but might not a rather different message be needed at different times and/or for different people?

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    1. Hey, Peter. I am late in response to your comment but find it as some good thoughtstream candy… Yes, I absolutely believe this message may not be appropriate in every context and/or for every audience. Sometimes my writing is aimed towards other people who struggle with anxiety/depression type tendencies to raise the bar a bit. Maybe to help ground back to reality.

      But, certainly, as they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the message to the reader. Ca depend!


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