Thoughts on College, Life, & Societal Expectations

Ever since I left college about two years ago, I have been given a number of words and/or looks of disapproval from others ranging from strangers all the way to my family.

“What?! You can’t get a job without a degree.”
“But how will you make money?”

Simple: I work a normal people job–pay rent, bills, and live simply. As long as I like my job(s) and I feel fulfilled, I say why not. As long as I have good people in my life and do things that are fulfilling in my heart–why the hell not? Not to mention I have plenty of free time to do the things I love and learn more about the world through human interactions and connections (which is the ultimate “school” in my book).

Granted, I just returned to school this Spring because I DO desire a more fulfilling “career” or at least some direction towards a more established purpose. I know plenty of good people who are living fulfilled careers/positions in something they love because they went to college. And I also know plenty of people whom are resentful for their student loan debt and for the result in a lack of employment (or employment that pays as much as a job without a degree). The third category is usually people that complain of their mundane 9-5 career and have no time to do things that interest them (which unfortunately seems to be the majority).

All I’m saying is that we should think about our intentions behind striving to up this chain of feeling established in society. To impress others? To get that fancy house or fancy car? To feel like we’ve “made it” in society? Or is what we really want deep down a sense of security, peace of mind, and the time to cherish the people and hobbies we love? Wouldn’t that be a decent world to live in. Think about it.


If you have the time, check out this awesome video on YouTube of this guy’s story on going back to the basics–even if it meant “going backwards”.



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