Welcoming Sadness

Some days, I feel it incoming. I feel it sink me down into the Earth, but yet so far up in the sky (in my mind, at least). Other days, it hits me like a ton of bricks when I’m in a good mood–for no apparent reason. I find myself often resisting it. But, lately, I’ve been trying to say:

“Hello, again. Welcome.”

Sadness is an inevitable emotion.

That doesn’t mean we can’t try and look for ways to be happy (in fact, I encourage ways to increase feelings of joy through nature walks, healthier diets, and meditation). Nor does it mean that we should give up on our lives–it’s just that we are better off accepting the fact that sadness is going to make its appearance in our lives from time to time. Perhaps if we welcomed it more, we could hear what it’s trying to tell us. We sometimes need it to regularly open our hearts, to think about what’s truly important to us.

It’s okay to be sad. You are only human.

And still so beautiful.




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