Creating Peace in Times of Division

It seems like the heart of the world grows heavier with each passing day. Wars appear to be endless, economies grow weaker, and riots for change are becoming more prevalent. And with both US presidential candidates having dirt on their sleeves in one fashion or another, several citizens felt powerless in choosing a lesser of two evils in this last election. Our awareness of the growing corruption only increases the levels of cortisol that are on level “high” for many citizens in the U.S already. As a result, many of us are left wondering what we can do to change this society and if we can at all.

I used to be involved pretty heavily in the New-Age Movement for a little while. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at the time that much of the movement was designed to keep people in the dark about world issues. You’ll often hear the mentality, “Don’t give the bad things that happen attention. Don’t even acknowledge the negative, it only makes it grow. The reality you experience is all that there is.” This is only part of the truth.

From what I know now (opposed to many New-Age perspectives), there must be a balance between the Light and Dark. This means that we can’t just spend all of our time wishing happy thoughts and asking everybody to sing “Kum-Bah-Yah”. Just like the same with our own individual problems, we can’t continue to put lipstick on the pig when we know there is a deeper problem underneath. We have to be willing to acknowledge our inner turmoil and be willing to work past it. Or else, the underlying sickness simply grows. We become far from who we are at the core. The same is apparent in our external world as the illusion that everything has been “all good” is finally beginning to shatter.

Lying politicians, climate change, growing wars, unstable economies–all symptoms of a greater sickness on our globe. As humans inhabiting this Earth, the only way we can move forward is to stand up for peace in small and big ways–whether that be calling our local congressman on issues or coming together in groups to stand up for a cause (take the Dakota Access Pipeline situation, for example). Maybe even start gardening to avoid supporting larger food and grocery corporations interested in profit over the people. And the spiritual aspect can come in when people get together and pray, meditate, and/or set intentions for peace and awareness (the Native Americans asked everybody to send prayers–and look at how much support the issue has been getting!) Also, large groups of meditators seem to have a positive effect on crime in their local area.

The fact of the matter is that there needs to be a “take action” component (very downplayed out in the New-Age movement) to initiate peace as much as there needs to be a spiritual component. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure where we are headed from here, as we all know that we may be in deep sh**. But, despite it all, we all have a responsibility to continue to move towards a more peaceful planet. Please do not forget the saying, “Start local, go global”. We may feel small a lot of the time in terms of making changes, but showing yourself, your family, and your community you care goes a long way.

May you feel empowered on your journey in these tough times.




5 thoughts on “Creating Peace in Times of Division

  1. Peter

    Yes, it’s so essential to see that cultivating inner peace and working for peace in the world properly flow into one another. I think it’s a bit like what you’ve brought up before about how self-love and love for others are (in their true forms) interdependent rather than contradictory: self-love enables us to love others genuinely rather than using them to compensate for our lack of self, while conversely, when we love others whole new dimensions of our own (and our beloved’s) selves are opened up. So here too, if the “peace” of inner spirituality is authentic, it doesn’t close us off from the world, but is that standpoint of inner depth from which we’re able to survey and engage with the world as it really is – in all its violence and subjugation, as well as in what it could and should be. And in working for peace, we’re trying to build the social conditions necessary for all people to relate to one another in this way – utterly grounded in our own depths, and at the same time (and for the same reason) utterly open to others and to the world.

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