Saying Hello

Sometimes when I go for a walk, I just want to run up and say “You’re awesome” to every person I see on the street or on the walking trail. If anything, I try to just shoot them a smile or wave my arm big and make them feel good. And sometimes, I just want to be alone, nobody to look at me, and to be in my zone. So, sometimes I overthink what the other person will think–maybe he/she will think I’m weird or annoying if I say Hi or smile, because he/she might be in the zone as well. But, sometimes my excitement is too strong and I shoot them a smile, regardless of what I’ll receive back. Sometimes it’s reciprocated, and that’s a good feeling. I just want to connect with my fellow human friends. Whether telepathically, through a smile, or a good hug. Sometimes we’ve got to just do the dang thing instead of thinking more and more about what we should do. Initiative makes it happen.

What do you think? Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts. 🙂


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