Say “Yes” to Your Writing Ideas

How often do you have a great idea for a story, a poem, or simply a thought-stream that makes you come alive? Great, if you’re a writer, probably somewhat or often. Okay, so how many of you say, “Yes, I’ve got to write that down!” or, “No, nobody will get what I’m saying. That doesn’t make much sense.” I know that since I’ve been at the beginning of this blogging journey, I’ve caught myself saying “No, you can’t do that. You’re not good enough. You’ll scare people off.”

Well you know what? Even if I were to scare people away from my blog, I still spoke my mind. I still let my heart out. This morning, I meditated on my racing thoughts and breathed through them. You see, the mind will create all sorts of stories on why you don’t have the power to accomplish something. And it works, a lot of the time in our lives, unfortunately. But, I say, if we want to move forward with our writing, we’ve got to be willing to say Yes when our mind says No.

Your writing is worth it as much as much as your spirit is. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how complex or beautiful writing is until we write it all out (even through the self-doubt talk). We don’t grow until we face our inner bullies. Trudge through the self-doubt and let your heart out. Happy friday, everyone!

Please share if you can.

Blessings 🙂


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