Art Keeps Us Alive

Anything that is a way of channeling the creativity of oneself is an act of “art”. But, conveying yourself through art is not always simple. And when writing is your primary form of art, there is often a lot of judgment in the process. “Not good enough. Nobody would ever read this. I’m not making any sense. I shouldn’t have even picked up this pen.” As painful as writing can be sometimes, it’s worth it in the end. Essentially, whether or not anybody reads it, you have given yourself permission to create. Human beings–and their spirits–need to create. Without it, we can become lifeless, overly-anxious, depressed, immobile spirits. For artists in general, it is about letting our inner worlds come out.

I’m nearing the end of an awesome weekly women’s writing workshop I’ve been attending for a while. I’ve become connected to the people involved as well as gained personal inspiration as an artist. I think we have all learned to accept our unique writing styles (at least a little more than before) and to find joy in each other’s writing.  I have learned that writing is not just an expression of the self but an act of community. While it may seem like you are the only one there writing the piece in front of you–when you actually share it out loud to people around you (or through blog posts, etc), you often find that other people feel the same or at least find comfort in your words. And that is fulfilling.

Though I’ve always been a writer at heart, I’m new to being consistent with sharing my thoughts and feelings in a blog format. I express the thoughts in my head the best that I can. My intention is to inspire other people to believe in their creativity so that we can grow towards a more peaceful planet. I imagine a peaceful planet to be a world of acceptance in ourselves and others. We’re not there yet, clearly, but we always have another day to make things a little better. Writers, and artists of all sorts, I call on you to keep creating.






2 thoughts on “Art Keeps Us Alive

  1. Sweet new look to your blog! Very nice!
    I liked this piece a lot. Great message. You are indeed an inspiration.
    I am glad to be on the same journey with you towards making this a more peaceful planet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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