Urgent: Humanity Needs Connection


When was the last time you felt the love of another human? Was it this morning when you woke up next to him/her? Was it last Sunday when you went to church? Or a few weeks ago when your sister called you? Maybe it was several years ago when you had a little more trust in your heart. Regardless, love (any sort of connection that is from the heart–familial, romantic, friendly) is essential to our experience as humans; and we need to be creating a little more of it as a society.

Let’s face it: our world is sort of hanging off of the cliff as we are confronted with imminent times of war, climate change, and an either-or mentality to select psychopathic presidential candidates. What’s the point of bringing that up, you say? If our world completely goes to sh**, what will we have left? The economic system may collapse, resources may become scarce.. Living conditions could be unimaginable. But who will we have in those times? What will we truly need besides our physical survival? Love. 

What about focusing on more love now? That’s why this message is urgent: we must begin to cultivate those loving connections in each of our present lives. We must release resentment towards people we cannot control, also. We can come home and complain about the coworker who didn’t measure up to our expectations for the rest of the night, but then we miss the opportunity to have meaningful conversation with the spouse we love. Guys, at the end of the day, whether it is rain, shine, or doomsday–love is all that really matters.

Call your mom today. Invite an old friend over. Send a letter to someone far away. Release resentment for people that are different from you. Empathize with people who are hurt. Love yourself. Donate old clothes to somebody who may need them.

Love is at the core of our humanity (underneath all of the hurt). We can can no longer ostracize ourselves from creating and maintaining connections. Let’s make love a priority now and in our days forward.. Humanity depends on it.

Much love

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4 thoughts on “Urgent: Humanity Needs Connection

  1. mydomesticgapyear

    I really enjoyed reading your post! The most important part of my life are my relationships. In fact, one could probably argue that relationships are the substance of the life you’re living. From these relationships, I have the love every and connections the define the way I act. I love the message you are portraying in this post!

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