No More Looking Outside

“Learn How to Attract Beautiful Women” or “Make a Guy Jealous For You” are some of the recommended videos I see when I log onto my YouTube Channel (I guess that’s what happens when I watch videos called “What Guys Like about Girls”). So here we are, in a culture that makes learning to love more difficult than it has to be (IMHO). In order to feel good about ourselves, or attract that guy who is long gone, we try to send off energetic signals that he should be craving us. Or, if we are a man who is just not the alpha type, we need to learn how to step it up to get close to women who are actually “beautiful”.

But the truth is,  true love lies soul deep. We can spend all of our time trying to unconsciously cast spells onto others to make them fall in love with us, or we can move on from the people who do not notice us and learn to love ourselves first.

The American media has a large role in terms of influencing what its society should or shouldn’t do. As a result, several Americans spend a lot of time trying to make the outside look pretty and compelling. The outside includes our hair, our bodies, the way we talk, the things we choose to talk about, the accumulation of our material possessions, our profession, the list goes on. Little talk is there of the heart, unless you’re going to church. And if you already jumped off the religion bandwagon once you realized it wasn’t all the way making sense, the heart sort of got a bad rep. Love and compassion sat behind materialism and consumerism.

We don’t have to do all of this dancing around to please other people who are just trying to please us. If only they told us we already have everything we need to be an attractive human being. When you choose to be yourself, you lose the desire to chase so many things on the external. Maybe if we all chose to be ourselves, there would be less competition to be something else. What a wonderful world that might be.



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