Finding Awareness in an Asleep World

I have a voice that needs to be heard, and more than anything–to be used for good.

I have knowledge within me that needs to be shared to benefit the whole. I have studied metaphysical philosophy on my own as well as in an esoteric school. I learned and implemented teachings of metaphysics about self-love and self-discovery that have made me grow so much as a person. On top of that, I have spent much time independently resarching and reading books on near-death experiences, spirituality and religion, yoga, the chakras, magic, you name it.. and I’ve used a lot of my heart in the discernment process.

You see, the people at the top (High-level DARK occultists) do NOT want the mass population to become aware of their inner power. They would prefer us to get sick, be unhappy, and feed off of their system. They would prefer us to use their medical doctors, take their pharmaceuticals, and consume their genetically-modified crops. They’d prefer all of our farmers to give up their sovereignty so we would then all consume their poisoned crops. They want us far away from the knowledge and of healing herbs and Mother Earth. They want us to be addicted to their world of materialism so we never run of out endless desire to buy, buy, buy. They’d also prefer we join their military to kill off other souls for their profit and to turn us against one another.Why would they want all of this, what is their primary goal, anyway? Control. As cliché or fable-like as it sounds, they want to rule this planet without mercy.

It’s spiritual warfare at its finest–and it is all around us in the TVS, magazines, education system, the millitary industrial complex, and our food industry. The best I know at this point is to keep spreading the word, remain a heart-centered person, and play my role in exposing and changing this corrupt world. You have a part to play too–and I encourage you to start playing the role if you haven’t already (this role is to follow your inner passions, love yourself and others, raise awareness of this to others).

It feels good to write this knowing somebody may read it and grow from it, or at least do their own research on the topic. I have just been afraid to speak up because there have been plenty of people killed or had their families killed for speaking up on these things to raise awareness at the highest level (I’ve always been drawn to Michael Jackson and his music–and now I understand he was somebody trying to speak up too “They Don’t Really Care About Us”). There is a lot of misinformation out there  on the topic of Dark forces, and sometimes I’m still not even sure what is which, so I will keep searching. As far as I know, I’m come to realize that awakening to our Oneness is the primary solution to our separated world. Out of this realization, we wake up from the illusion of separation that the physical world does to our five senses (level of material wealth, our physical appearances, the mainstream television).  I will write future posts on this topic, just so you know. I’ll expose Satanism and its connection to the materialism paradigm as well as other controversial topics.

I realize that the ethical thing to do is provide sources when making claims like this, but I have to admit my sloppiness with recalling specific sources over time, so I will list a few sources that come to mind at this time. However, I also would list myself as a source and personal, beautiful changes I’ve had in my personal relationships, job life, greater inner confidence, and progress in my goals. Anyway, here are two main sources I think would be helpful.

Mark Passio: ex-Satanist preacher, independent researcher, lecturer, runs a YouTube channel on the subject of the occult, Darker forces, Free Energy

Specific video I recommend listening to:

David Wilcock: UFO investigator, author and lecturer, metaphysical researcher and more

This video sums it up:




3 thoughts on “Finding Awareness in an Asleep World

  1. Peter

    Very stimulating thoughts, thank you. I’d be curious to hear you explore more the idea that “awakening to our Oneness is the primary solution to our separated world.” My question is how this applies to relationships and community, in which there definitely is (or should be) a unity/oneness, but in which each person is also irreducibly unique and particular. As persons we should never be swallowed up into some impersonal mass, right? Or another way of asking my question might be: yes, *separation* is bad, but could a healthy sort of mutual *otherness* be compatible with the oneness you describe?


    1. MysticalMillenial

      Oh, absolutely. Forgive me for not elaborating on that point. When I refer to Oneness, I am trying to make the point that we all come from the same source. Knowing that, we should be able to get along with one another and value each of our unique personalities rather than attempting to one-up eachother to feel a sense of power (when we judge other people for their bodies solely or their material accumulations). If everybody knew they were a part of eachother, we wouldn’t judge eachother so severely… Because we would know we were only judging ourselves in the process. I hope that makes more sense 🙂


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