What’s the Point of Life?

What do we have to waste in this life, besides our souls?

…And who wants to waste their soul?

Not me.

What’s the opposite of wasting, you may be thinking.. I typed into Google, “Waste antonym”.

I got the word conserve.

So, what if the world was a place where everyone learned to conserve their souls? Conserving their souls as in–never forgetting the heart’s role in society. A world where people learned to be true to themselves, and compassion was society’s main priority over the world of fashion that currently rules over.

I want to live in a world where love is the supreme ruler. I want a world where people grow up much less concerned with their outer beauty, and instead feel confident in their inner beauty.

I want a world where the government’s morals are in line with the peoples’.

But for now, souls are consciously having to wake up themselves. We don’t have the TV doing it for us.

Spread the word, but most importantly, be You. The world needs it.






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