Why I Will Never Join the Rat Race

I studied at a university for two years after I graduated high school. I had pretty straight As and an above average GPA, as well as scholarships that helped me pay for most of my schooling. Overall, it made sense for me to be in college. However, there was something missing from my academic experience. The passion that outweighed every other passion I had was to create peace for the planet.

I thought to myself upon leaving college, “Do I really need a degree to teach people how to love one another?” After all, I was studying the Law of Attraction and esoteric principles about “creating your own reality” in the time I wasn’t studying for my university classes. I realized that I could study a major at my college that could land in the ball park of my spiritual interests, but something told me I didn’t need to stay in a land of academia to teach others values of consciousness.

I did my research and looked for schools that taught about spiritual practices. The closest school I could find was an hour and a half away, and it was a metaphysical school. Right then, I knew I had to pack up my stuff and move to study at this school. Two months later, I discontinued my degree in Communications and moved to study new-age spirituality formally.

It’s now almost a year later and I believe I’ve grown more as a person than I have in the past decade of my life. I have learned and experienced the power of the mind and spirit and its ability to bring you desired circumstances in life. I found the boyfriend of my dreams, have access to plenty of spiritual networks and currently work a great job that fits my introverted personality well. Most importantly right now, I have started my own meditation group for the public: something I have always desired to do!

I am also eternally grateful for my time studying at the metaphysical school and the discipline I have developed for my daily meditation practice. My relationships with others have never been more enriching, my happiness has increased and opportunities only continue to grow from here. I am excited to continue seeing the path that unfolds for me and the rest of the planet.

Perhaps I’m not the most “successful”person or the most “educated”. And I may not have the fanciest car or the fanciest clothes, however, I do have a heart that is full of more love than it has had in a long time.  I also don’t have my dream job quite yet, but my current job is certainly one I can stay in until I follow my dream as a peace activist.

To create a new world, we have to think for ourselves and decide what world we really desire to live in. Personally, I would rather spend time in hands-on life experience than at multiple desks for years of my life trying to find who I am. We always seem to be talking about the importance of job security, but we have little to say about the importance of emotional security for our society. After all, how can we expect to run a functional society if we keep creating careers that are meant to suppress the human spirit? Let’s start creating a planet we really want to live in, I say.

May you also choose a path of the unknown that is full of excitement. 😉

Peace to you,



5 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Join the Rat Race

  1. I am very impressed with this piece, Why I Will Never Join the Rate Race. You are a very good writer and this message should be spread far and wide. I would love to see it in a publication that would reach the masses.
    Love to you and the good you do in, and for, the world Katelyn!!!

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    1. holisticspiritdiva

      Thank you, Suzanne! I really appreciate this message. I would love it to reach out to the masses as well so more people can choose to do what they love. I’m glad to be on WordPress. 🙂 Namaste

      Liked by 1 person

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