24 Sweet Techniques to Surpass Anxiety & Depression

I feel it is important that I share this post with the world. This is for anyone struggling with ongoing depression, anxiety, and the several curable disorders of our existence. Though these disorders are curable, it doesn’t mean their paths to bliss are always smooth.

Personally, I have struggled with both at different levels of severity throughout my life. The great news is that I have tried and stuck with some really effective yet underrated ways of handling these which I think could serve anyone in general, even if it’s just ongoing boredom that seems to be your problem (lol).

Here is a list of things I put in my daily routine. I hope you can incorporate at least one or two (if not all!) into your daily routine as well. You won’t regret it 🙂

1. Start looking within rather than looking outward. How do you treat yourself? Do the people in your life reflect the way you treat yourself? Give yourself more credit and love, and others will do the same. 🙂

2. As a morning routine (in the morning our minds are much clearer), do at least 5-10 deep breaths. Inhale through your nose for 5, hold for 4, exhale for 5 through your mouth. This is a simple form of meditation.

3. Use the mirror to look into your eyes while saying, “I love you” or “You are beautiful” over and over again. This might sting at first, but in time, you will notice how much better you treat yourself and the abundance of people flowing to you who also treat you that way.

4. Start to put more focus on the part of you that isn’t your physical body, but rather the part of you that lives through it (some of you may call this a soul or a spirit–it’s whatever word pleases you).

When you start doing this, your relationships with others and yourself will become MUCH more satisfying.

5. Make a list of the things you LOVE in your life and/or are grateful for. This will help redirect your attention from scarcity into positivity. 🙂

6. Practice non-judgment with others and you will see how light and happy you feel!

7. Listen. Listen to what others have to say. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, or like them, or do what they say, it just means you allow them to be them. With that, you will begin to receive the same treatment.

8. Visualize. Use the power of your mind to imagine yourself as someone healthy, loving, and happy to be alive. It has helped me so much through my depression as it is becoming more of a reality everyday.

9. Move your body! You don’t have to get crazy and do Insanity, just walk for at least 15 minutes a day, go for a run, do some push-ups, or dance to your music. This will spark good feeling hormones that stomp out bad ones!

10. Go on a walk through nature, or just somewhere that has a lot of trees that provide you with clean oxygen. 🙂

11. Cut out alcohol, drugs, physical addictions–anything that you use to numb your natural reality. We can all become addicted to things that fog us of our true nature. They may be cool and satisfactory for a while, but at some point, you will realize it’s WAY more satisfying to be sober and present.

12. Go barefoot in the grass for at least 15 minutes a day. Want to know why? Check out the book “Earthing” and then you will understand 🙂

13. As much as you hear to eat healthy, it works. I can definitely notice the difference in my concentration and happiness when I eat more fruits, vegetables, or more natural and whole foods (preferably organic). Being happy becomes less of a chore and comes naturally.

14. Drink lots of water. You cleanse out toxins from all areas of the body!

15. Clean up your musical playlist. Play and download music that lifts you up rather than continuously replaying what is lost and done with.

16. Watch your favorite movie with some popcorn or carrots.

17. Join a club. Sign up for a class. Volunteer. You will meet lots of people and encounter opportunities to all sorts of things. You may even meet a new best friend or a significant other. I met my boyfriend by volunteering!

18. Watch a funny round of videos on Youtube. There’s no excuse not to find something on Youtube!

19. Forgive those who have hurt you, no matter how severe the pain was. This doesn’t mean you need to contact them personally, just release the resentment within you and visually to that person. You will do yourself a huge favor.

20. Smile at a random stranger(s) and feel the love back. 🙂

21. Visualize yourself as successful, strong, and willing to make an impact on the world!

22. Start small, start anywhere. If you like to write, write for at least 20 minutes a day. Do the same if you like to draw, color, or anything that makes you happy, just because it makes you feel alive.

23. Depressing thought patterns gain momentum the more you give them attention. Push your energy towards exciting things that may initially scare you, but in the end, you will learn to reprogram your mind into more happiness 🙂

24. Lastly, don’t fall for the trap of settling for something less than what you truly desire. You were put on this planet for something bigger than playing the rat race. Make the best out of your experience. A trust in something bigger than you will take you further than what ANY man says you can do. Believe in your capabilities.

Pass on the love, go outside, and focus on true relationships with others and with yourself. It is much more satisfying than living on the surface with people who barely talk to the real You.

Have a wonderful journey and let me know if any of these work for you down the line.



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