I never forgot who you are

I’m waiting here

Holding hands with my past

Choosing to let go


It’s not so simple

As these eyes

Can only hold so much pain

I must let go


How long will I wait

For you to see me

As I am?


It’s only so much

I understand

First, I must see myself

Once again



Osho a “no show” (with 90 Rolls Royces)

Know them by their actions and less by their words.

Art & criticism by eric wayne

In collaboration with J. Sri Bhagovwid (who I do custom graphics for, for free, and snippets of wisdom).

J. Sri Bhagovwid is highly critical of OSHO, claiming, “The most amazing thing about OSHO is the miracle of persuading people he is anything but a clown. He has had armed guards, fleets of cars, and inspected his female followers breasts and “chakras”. The worst thing about him is he took advantage of naive people seeking a better, more spiritual life. His corruption destroyed the lives of many of his followers, which is not hard to imagine when one considers he got all of their money, acted as a dictator over them in his Ashram, and even molested some of the females. His Ashram poisoned the public in Oregon by deliberately contaminating salad bars with a liquid containing Salmonella, resulting in over 700 documented cases of acute food poisoning.  He was a…

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Turmoil Creates Appreciation

I find myself feeling restless in the present some days.

When that happens, I try to remember the more difficult times, jobs, and experiences that shaped me into who I am today. Even if I couldn’t see the beauty that would evolve at the times of those experiences I can appreciate them now in greater depth. That is joy to me.

I attempt to remind myself that it could always be like one of those times. But, here and now, I can appreciate this moment more because of the different lenses I’ve had the opportunity to see through. I am grateful for those difficult and uncomfortable experiences that have evolved my spirit into someone more resilient. God.. Universe.. Great Spirit…He creates resilience through the human spirit. May we each find strength, purpose and meaning during these difficult times on this planet.

Transcendental Smile

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the smiles I see form on the kind faces of strangers I see on the streets. I usually wonder what makes them smile when I seem them.. Did they just get off the phone with a significant other? Did they just think of all of the things they were grateful for? Did they just see someone else smile? I can’t help but stop in awe sometimes… as they have transcended this Earth into a feeling of pure joy even if momentarily.

Often, I fantasize about my life and how it would be perfect or better once that day in the future comes along–or how beautiful it was that day in the past. Then, I remember, life is continuously moving forward. It is always changing. And, some phases of life seem to carry more ideal circumstances than others. Let’s face it.

It is an interesting balance between being satisfied with your circumstances and also realistic about your attitude for the future. Though, the more I come to observe from my own experience and from others’–I find that everybody has his/her own set of struggles (as well as good fortunes, of course). And it is beautiful when I receive the chance to observe these glimpses of momentary bliss through others.

More thoughts another day.